Shrub & Bed Care

Northern VA Shrub & Tree Care

Northern VA Shrub & Bed Care

 Shrub and Bed Care in Northern VA
Complete offers a tree, shrub and bed care program includes year-round maintenance (Fall, Summer and Spring) that will keep your shrubbery healthy and attractive. Trees, shrubs and flower beds add attractive variety to your home’s façade. As these plants mature, you will see your outdoor space fill in. But if they wither or become overgrown, it mars your carefully crafted landscape. Not only do shrubs and trees contribute to the visual appeal of your lawn, but with professional landscaping and maintenance, you may realize up to 15% larger return on investment in your home.

Our Shrub & Bed Programs

Plant Health Care Program (IPM) – 10 Visit Program
This program focuses on the health of your plants by carefully monitoring your plants for seasonal and long term changes, paying careful attention to signs of plant stress which can be caused by heat, water, insects, disease and other factors in order to be proactive, or when needed take corrective action to optimize plant health. We only apply pesticides when absolutely necessary. This program incorporates fertilization, preventative and corrective treatment for insects and disease as well as dormant oil and winter burn protections.

Bed Detailing Program – 10 Visit Program
This program focuses on keeping your beds looking great year round, and includes regular visits to perform hand and/or chemical weeding of the bed areas. We will also perform edging regularly to keep your beds looking neat is tidy year round.

Shrub and Tree Trimming Program – 5 Visit Program
Proper trimming and pruning will keep your shrubs healthy, well-shaped and encourage flowers. The trimming program includes one dormant pruning of shrubs prior to the bud break, three shrub pruning visits throughout the growing season, and one winter tree trimming visit for trees up to 20’. This may sound like a lot, however different shrubs have different requirements in terms of when they should be trimmed and to what degree. We have designed this program for optimal shrub and tree health.

Full Service Shrub & Bed Program – 10 Visit Program
This includes all of the services performed on the IPM, Bed Detailing and Trimming Programs. This program is heavily discounted to reflect the fact that work is combined and eliminates travel costs.