Alexandria Virginia Sprinkler Opening and Startup

Alexandria Virginia Sprinkler Opening and StartupFor Alexandria Virginia sprinkler opening and startup professionals that know how to protect your sprinkler system, call on Complete Lawn Service. Our landscaping and lawn team has been serving suburban D.C. since 1972, and our irrigation experts can keep your system running efficiently and your lawn healthy and beautiful.

Your irrigation system is a considerable investment. Proper maintenance is essential to protecting the pipes and valves and keeping your sprinklers flowing. If your system is turned on carelessly, it can cause lines to crack or burst, possibly resulting in an expensive repair or replacement. In addition to winterizing your system to keep pipes from freezing in the colder months, you should look to professionals to properly restart your system for the spring.

Alexandria Virginia Sprinkler Opening and Startup Services

As Complete Lawn, we provide a full sprinkler opening and startup process for Alexandria residents. Steps of our complete process include:

  • Inspecting the water connection, blowout points and the backflow devices
  • Closing the test ports on the backflow
  • Turning on the water and pressurizing the system to maintain the correct water pressure
  • Testing the operation of sprinkler heads and valves in each zone
  • Inspecting and adjusting sprinkler heads as needed and ensuring adequate coverage
  • Testing, cleaning and uncovering the rain sensor as needed
  • Checking for and cleaning clogged drip filters
  • Programming the controller for watering

Our spring startup service, in addition with our sprinkler system winterization, are affordable ways to maintain your sprinkler system and keep it running effectively for many years to come. We handle irrigation system repairs too…if any part of your system isn’t working properly, let us know and we’ll come out to fix it.

Call Complete Lawn today or use this online form to request a price, and see what makes us the trusted choice for Alexandria Virginia sprinkler opening and startup companies. We’re dedicated to keeping your outdoor space as inviting and beautiful as can be.

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