Northern Virginia Lawn Mowing & Edging Services

At Complete Lawn, we can handle all of your mowing and edging needs for your northern Virginia home. It’s one of the many lawn care services we provide homeowners in the region.

Proper mowing and edging around your home or place of business is vital if you’re interested in a beautiful outdoor space. It’s more than just running over the grass with a mower and being done with it. We take the time to do a professional, first class job with our mowing services to make your lawn as beautiful as can be.

When you request mowing and edging services from Complete Lawn:

  • Northern Virginia Lawn Mowing & Edging ServicesWe mow weekly and edge every other week.
  • We mow your grass between 2.5″ and 3.5″ depending on the time of year.
  • We bag in the early spring and late fall, and recycle the clippings most of the year.
  • We sharpen and balance our blades regularly.
  • We don’t mow when the ground is too wet.
  • We change directions weekly when the terrain permits.
  • We pick up minor amounts of trash before we mow.
  • We weed-whip areas not accessible by the mowers.
  • We blow off all debris.
  • We leave you a personal note when we come by.

Our periodic mowing and edging service provides you a well-manicured lawn throughout the growing season, without the hassle of doing the work yourself! We also offer a premium mowing service option, which only uses small push type mowers on smaller properties as needed.

Complete Lawn normally begins our mowing services in the last week of March, as your lawn is emerging from its winter dormancy. We continue to mow through the middle of November although dates may vary due to weather.

Reach out to Complete Lawn and ask about our northern Virginia mowing and edging services today, and take the next step to a beautiful lawn without all the work.

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