Northern Virginia Landscape Design Services

One of our specialties at Complete Lawn is our first class landscape design services for northern Virginia property owners. Our professional landscape designs combine the natural beauty of plants, trees and shrubs with function and sustainability of your greenery.

When you add together a well-balanced array of healthy plants, a lush lawn and carefully chosen landscape features, it brings a world of difference to your outdoor space, curb appeal and resale value. Leaving the tasks to the professionals at Complete Lawn afford you a trouble-free environment where you can fully express your unique outdoor lifestyle.

We’ve been remaking Northern Virginia landscapes for nearly half a century now, and home and property owners throughout the region have trusted us to bring them a beautiful new landscape to their outdoor space. We bring a comprehensive knowledge of plants, trees and lawn products to your property, and we’re dedicated to giving you a beautiful healthy landscape and helping to keep it beautiful throughout the year.

We look forward to working closely with you on your new landscape, from concept to installation! Contact us today and get started with your complimentary consultation.

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