Lorton Virginia Sprinkler Winterization

Lorton Virginia Sprinkler WinterizationWhen the cold months come to Northern Virginia, it’s wise to protect your irrigation system. Call the team at Complete Lawn Service for your Lorton Virginia sprinkler winterization. Our company has been helping to keep Lorton lawns healthy and green since 1972, and sprinkler system winterization is one of our specialties. Complete Lawn is a member of the Virginia Irrigation Association, and we are also a certified Rain Bird Select Contractor and EPA Watersense Partner.

Lorton Virginia Sprinkler Winterization Services

While sprinkler systems both make your life much simpler and add value to your Lorton home, they are also a costly investment…so it’s important to protect that investment from rust and prevent expensive repairs. A yearly winterization process will keep your system’s pipes from freezing and rusting in the winter, and will protect your valves from expensive long term damage.

Let Complete Lawn shut down your system properly for the winter months. We’ll deactivate your system with a complete shutdown process: we shut off the water supply, connect an air compressor to the blowout point, blow out each zone completely, open the backflow devices test ports, and shut off the main controller. Our irrigation professionals have the experience and tools to effectively blow out your pipes without causing damage.

Our sprinkler winterization process is done quickly and will prepare your system for the cold weather. Come spring, reach out to us to start up your system again. We’ll examine your sprinkler heads and adjust them as needed, and then activate and pressurize the system for the warmer months.

Complete Lawn’s sprinkler maintenance program will protect your system from freezing and rust and keep it watering your lawn effectively for years to come. Call our Lorton Virginia sprinkler winterization pros today or use this form to request an estimate. It’s just one way we keep your lawn beautiful year round!

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