Virginia Mosquito and Zika Control

Virginia Mosquito and Zika Control
Virginia Mosquito and Zika Control

Virginia mosquito and Zika control has become a major issue in the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States. The Washington, D.C. area including Alexandria, Arlington, and Fairfax has been ranked by a major pest control company among the top 20 cities for mosquito problems. This is why you should call Complete Lawn Services today for mosquito and Zika control in Virginia.

Effective Virginia mosquito and Zika control can help you deal with the dangers that mosquitos and ticks bring. You don’t want to create additional risks to your family and neighbors by spraying a poisonous cloud of chemicals to address the problem. This is what makes Complete Lawn Services your valuable partner to bring mosquito and Zika control in Virginia to your property.

Leaders in Virginia Mosquito and Zika Control

Our Virginia mosquito and Zika control products are derived from natural oils. They are people-, pet- and environment-friendly. And, you can access your property immediately after you have a treatment with our mosquito and Zika control in Virginia treatment from Complete Lawn Services.

Our licensed and trained employees will inspect your property and leave you recommendations on how to make your property less inviting to mosquitos. We will apply a natural BT product to standing water areas. We will make a perimeter spray around your property and around your house. We will pay special attention to woods lines and under decks.

When we are finished, a bright yellow glue card will be placed in your outdoor living space to help monitor insect activity. Our program consists of a spraying approximately every 14 days from April through October.

Our program is fully guaranteed. While a natural program cannot eliminate every mosquito, we will respray if you notice a problem and call us within five days of the last application.

Complete Lawn Services is a local, family-owned and operated business serving Northern Virginia since 1972. Our customers depend on us to deliver a full suite of lawn, landscape, and sprinkler services using the finest quality materials and knowledgeable personnel. With our comprehensive knowledge of plants, trees, lawn products, and sprinkler maintenance strategies, our goal is to help you maintain a healthy lawn and landscape year-round.