Did You Remember to Winterize Your Sprinkler System?

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With the cold months here, did you remember to winterize your sprinkler system? Properly shutting down your irrigation system for the winter is an important part of protecting your investment…and you should see to it that it’s done properly as the colder months arrive.

Keeping your lawn and landscape watered is the most important part of maintaining its beauty, and a sprinkler system is a great investment to both save you effort and improve your resale value. But if your sprinkler system isn’t maintained properly, it could lose its effectiveness over time. If excess water is still in the pipes, for example, it could freeze and expand, causing pipes to crack and require much more expensive repairs. It’s also important to adjust valves and sprinkler heads, and examine your system for any potential problems.

When shutting down your sprinkler system for the winter, the most important part of the process is clearing excess water out of the pipes. You should spend at least two minutes using an air compressor to blow out each zone, and then ensure that the test ports are open on the backflow devices before shutting off the controller. Overall, while it requires some time and effort, it’s something that must be done to protect your pipes and valves during the cold season.

If you’d prefer to avoid renting or buying equipment and would rather spend time doing something else, let Complete Lawn handle your sprinkler winterization for you. Our irrigation experts have all of the necessary equipment and knowledge to effectively shut down your system safely, and we’re available in the spring to properly start up your system as well.

So did you remember to winterize your sprinkler system? Be sure to take the time to do so, or have Complete Lawn look after the job. We can help protect your sprinkler system investment for many years to come!