Did You Renew Your Snow and Ice Contracts?

Snow and Ice Contracts

Did you renew your snow and ice contracts? It may be something that’s in the back of your mind as a northern Virginia business owner…but it’s important to ensure that you’re prepared for the next storm, and that your business stays open and safe.

In the D.C. region, we may only average 7.2 inches of snowfall each year. But with those snowfalls can come winter mixes of snow, sleet, hail and freezing rain. You could be struggling to clear your parking lots, driveways and walkways, and lose revenue closing for a day or more. In addition, your business could also easily have unseen patches of ice, which in turn could cause vehicle damage, or an injury to an employee or a customer.

At Complete Lawn, we are your professional landscaping experts, but we also have the equipment and staff to keep your walkways and driveways clear of snow and ice, and safe for your employees and customers. Our crews are on alert as soon as snow is in the forecast, and we continually monitor conditions and start clearing the snow for our customers as soon as the snowfall ends. We can help you stay open during the storm, and enable everyone to safely drive to, enter and exit your facility.

Our commercial snow and ice removal services include:

  • Snow plowing in driveways and parking lots
  • Snow blowing and shoveling on sidewalks
  • Pre-treatment of surfaces
  • Application of ice melting products
  • Application of sand in icy conditions
  • Loader services for larger storms
  • Ice watch and treatment services following the storm

If you’re asking the question of, “Did you renew your snow and ice contracts?”, now is the time to protect your business and your peace of mind. Let Complete Lawn be your snow and ice clearing team with the storms come. Contact us today or click here to request a quote!