Virginia Commercial Snow and Ice Management

Snow and Ice Contracts

For Virginia commercial snow and ice management call on Complete Lawn Service to handle all your removal needs when the winter seasons hit.

We don’t often think of seasonal conditions. Typical landscape maintenance, like pulling weeds or pruning limbs are often on the agenda every couple of weeks. You may think about building maintenance for loose doors, leaks in windows etc. will be addressed as needed. But seasonal weather conditions that impede your businesses traffic flow can be just as big a headache. In those winter months where we see more snow (and with it ice), you’ll need to be quick and efficient with how you remove it.

Snow removal, while frustrating, is a responsibility you face as a business owner. With so much on your plate, you should turn to us to handle your removal. The snow seasons can cause your customers to have to awkwardly walk around piles of snow, scurry across black ice, or worse: avoid going to your parking lot at all.

As well as it be a major inconvenience for your customers, excess ice can be hazardous to their health. Not only does that open the door for lawsuits, but the reputation as a business may take a hit if word catches that you are not taking care of the property. People should feel comfortable coming to your business and as an owner, you should feel assured that your property is safe enough for patrons.

Our commercial snow and ice management services include:

• Snow plowing
• Sidewalk shoveling and snow blowing
• Pre-treatment
• Ice Melt application
• Sand application (in ice conditions)
• Loader services (for big snow events)
• Ice watch services (post storm monitoring and treatment)

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