Alexandria Virginia Sprinkler Opening Services

Alexandria Virginia Sprinkler Opening Services

Complete Lawn Service is bringing its Alexandria Virginia sprinkler opening services to you. Its that time of year again- lets get those sprinkler systems cleared and ready for spring time. Since 1972, we’ve developed the best team of irrigation experts to install and maintain  sprinkler systems for northern Virginia homes and businesses. With almost 50 years of experience, we’ve been the top provider of keeping your irrigation system running efficiently, keeping the lawns of our clients healthy and aesthetically pleasing throughout the hot spring and summer months.

Anyone that has made considerable investment for a sprinkler system, wants to keep it functional for as long as possible.  Using a system as opposed to relying on yourself to manually water your lawn has saved time and energy for millions of people. But the job doesn’t stop after installation.

Did you know if your system is restarted too quickly or without inspecting key components, it can cause the main lines to crack or burst? Are you ready to further invest in the required repairs? The weather takes it toll on your tools, and your sprinkler system is no different. In the winter when not as much water is needed, the system doesn’t get much use and is shut off. In addition to shutting down your system for the colder months, it’s important to start up your system properly in the spring to protect pipes and valves. With Complete Law Services, we’ll help you avoid mistakes that others may face.

For 5 decades now, we’ve been the trusted name in Alexandria Virginia sprinkler opening services. Using our irrigation experts, you can expect:

  • Inspecting the water connections and blowout points, and checking the backflow device
  • Closing backflow test ports
  • Activating the system and turning on the water while maintaining proper water pressure
  • Testing sprinkler heads and valves for effective operation in each zone
  • Ensuring coverage in all zones by adjusting sprinkler heads as needed
  • Ensuring the rain sensor is working properly, including keeping it clean and uncovered
  • Cleaning out any clogged drip filters
  • Reprogramming or adjusting the system controller

Now is the time- we are a phone call away.