FREEZE ALERT! Here’s how to protect your above ground back flow systems!

FREEZE ALERT! Here's how to protect your above ground back flow systems!

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Freezing temperatures are in the immediate forecast for this weekend and coming week.  

If you have an above-ground back flow device and have not yet had your sprinkler system winterized, your system is at risk for freeze damage.    

To help mitigate the risk, we recommend that you IMMEDIATELY take the following steps:

1.  Turn your sprinkler controller to the OFF position if you have not already done so.

2.  Locate your above ground backflow device.  The photos above depict examples of what this looks like.  We do try to locate them in areas where they do not detract from the landscape, so this means that they are often hidden among plants or behind shrubs.

3.  Take an old pillow and wrap it around the exposed pipe.  You may want to tie or tape the pillow in place to keep it wrapped snugly around the pipe. 

4.  Cover the pillow wrapped pipe with a heavy duty trash bag to keep water from penetrating. This can also be done with a waterproof padded pouch (see photos)

pillow___        covering-system

5.  Secure the bag tightly over the pillow.  You can do this with any number of household items such as an old belt, duct tape, etc.     
6.  If you have not already done so, contact us NOW to schedule your winterization.  While we never really know exactly what weather the winter will bring, early indicators point towards it being a particularly harsh winter. 

Act now to protect your sprinkler system.